Hello Friends!

I have found KiwiCo to be an amazing company through my trial. There is so much to learn, explore, and to create with the boxes provided by KiwiCo that I feel should be shared with all families. Experiences like this that is super hands on and engaging are a few of the many reasons why I want to support this company with all of our friends!

First, it felt fitting to continue to explore more of what the Atlas box line since it targets the elementary school age group. Also I’m extremely curious to learn more about what it has to offer!

Box Opening

  • Book – The Atlas Obscura Explorer’s Guide for The World’s Most Adventurous Kid by Dylan Thuras and Rosemary Mosco
  • Letter – With activity checklist and fun facts
  • Booklet – Explore the Seven Continents
  • World Map and Map Guide – Take the World Map Challenge, with instructions
  • Spinning Globe – Build your own Spinning Globe, with instructions and materials
  • Passport – Start an Atlas Adventure Book, with instructions and materials

The Atlas Obscura Explorer’s Guide for the World’s Most Adventurous Kid – by Dylan Thuras and Rosemary Mosco

This book is a great guide too little snippets and information about countries all around the world. In order to receive the book is an extra cost, but it is a lovely book especially for the price. Books are also important for learning. This book is especially relevant to the box since it showcases many different countries. Allowing children access to more tools to research and learn about the worlds and cultures around them.

Letter with Booklet

A fun letter to greet adventurers to get ready for their journey around the world. The Letter features greetings from two travel companions Anya the Cricket and Milo the Sandpiper. The contents also contain a checklist of things to do from the box. Also, a booklet that gives information about each of the continents around the world.

World Map and Map Activity Guide

A map of the world that is big enough to see all the features and even comes with a key of important landmarks such as mountains, lakes, and rivers. The map is bright and colorful, inspiring children to glance around. Along with the map comes a challenge guide. The guide contains information on how to read a map and things like the compass rose, the maps key, and the map coordinates. At the end, there is a challenge to use the coordinates to find different places and things using the new information learned about maps. I suggest that keeping this map would be a great tool for other uses and for future boxes. This way young adventures can use it to locate each country as they receive a box. Even placing a pin or sticker would be a fun way to show where you “have traveled to” with the future boxes.

Spinning Globe

This fun little globe is another way to look at our world and another great tool for students to have. All the materials come with the box and even easy to follow instructions. A small heart even comes with the kit to symbolize where you live on the globe.


The passport is another fun activity. This one is something that young travelers will be able to continue to add to and build on as they receive more boxes of the countries in future occasions. All the supplies and instructions comes with the box. All you need is a bit of imagination to create the font cover of your passport booklet. Then inside students will be able to put a sticker for each country that they travel to with the atlas box!


The atlas box from KiwiCo is great for all friends who love to travel and learn about the world we live in. This first box is great set-up in preparing students on what our looks like from different maps, and how to read them properly in order to get the correct information out of them. Also, it gets students excited to learn about all the countries from different continents. Everything was hands-on, easy enough for students to understand, and super enjoyable! I would highly recommend this box and would be open to trying other KiwiCo boxes as well!

If any one would be interested in purchasing a box go to KiwiCo.com and begin searching for the perfect box for you and your family. If its your first box, use my reference link in order to receive 50% off your first box.

Thank you friends and have a wonderful day of discovery!