Hello friends!

Fractions can be dreadful to tackle, even for some math lovers. Today, however, I have a tool that is easy to create at home that will help all students be more hands-on with fractions. This way they can visualize what those fractions look like, rather than just imagining them as difficult numbers.

Who can use this tool?

  • Anyone who is working on fractions (Kindergarten – fifth grade and beyond)
  • This tool can be adjusted to be tailored to each student’s needs


  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Construction Paper
  • Marker

How to make “Fraction Grams”

Step One: Gather all the materials. Also, come up with fraction amounts that you want your child to practice working with: (below are suggestions for each grade)

  • Fractions by grade:
    • Prek and Kindergarten: whole (1), halves(1/2), fourths (1/4)
    • First Grade, Second Grade: whole(1), halves(1/2), thirds(1/3), fourths(1/4), sixths(1/6), eighths(1/8), and tenths(1/10)
    • Third Grade and beyond: whole(1), halves(1/2), thirds(1/3), fourths(1/4), sixths(1/6), eighths(1/8), tenths(1/10), twelves (1/12), and beyond

Step Two: Start by marking strips about 1 inch wide (this will be the width for all of the grams). The first sheet will be your whole (1) and how you will compare the rest of your measurements.

Step Three: Using the whole strips and the ruler for measurements mark out the strip measurements just like in step two, only instead of keeping them as whole strips mark out the measurements to make the fractions. (for 1/2 find the center and make a mark in order to create two equal halves that equal one whole when put together. The same thing for the other fractions four equal sections for fourths, three equal sections for thirds and so on).

Step Four: Now that all of the marks are in place, you may now cut out all of the grams and begin to use them for all your fraction problem needs.

Where Fraction Grams can be used?

  • On their own to explore different fractions
  • A tool for fraction worksheets
  • A tool to make comparisons between fractions
  • Adding and subtracting fractions together
  • How to simplify fractions
  • And More……


Have fun with counting, adding, subtracting and all things fractions with this tool. I hope it is helpful for all our young math friends!