Target Grades

  • Pre-K – First Grade
  • This activity is great for everyone however and can be adjusted for toddlers as well.

Learning Engagements

  • Students will be able to practice writing and recognizing the letters in their names or other words.
  • Students will be able to use mosaic-like art to create an art piece of their name or other words.


  • Construction Paper
  • Glue
  • Writing Utensil



Step 1: There is not much set up for this activity just get out the materials and set up a clear workspace. Preschoolers might want to refer to a print out of their name to use when they are writing.

If you are doing this activity with toddlers it might be useful to set up with writing their name and having pre-ripped paper.


Step 1: Pick colors of construction paper and rip in to small pieces of no specific shape.

Step 2: Write name on a piece of paper with big spaced out letters

Step 3: Trace a letter with glue (stick glue is good to use, you might need to add more glue as you go. I suggest only doing one letter at a time so the glue doesn’t try).

Step 4: place ripped pieces of construction paper on the letter with glue in any pattern or design you choose.

Step 5: repeat step 3 and 4 until complete

Step 6: Your creation is complete!

Other Implementations

Other activities that can be done with these ripped mosaic pieces:

  • Instead of your name friends could practice sight words with these activities. You don’t have to use glue just practice tracing and placing.
  • Friends could also create pictures and other designs with these ripped pieces.
  • Toddlers could sort these into colors. Great for matching colors and fine motor skills.