Hello friends! Learning at home can be difficult and there isn’t always time or resources to pull together 7 hours of lessons like a normal school day. Still, there are ways to practice and enhance your learning. Math is one of those skills that you need to keep practicing in order to understand and get better. The material and skills that are learned in math continue to build on top of each other, rather than being separate subjects and skills. This makes it crucial that there is some math practice built into the day.

Math can seem like a dreadful time for kids and even some parents. However, with the right resources, such as ones that are game-based, learning a new math skill can actually feel rewarding and even slightly enjoyable!

As a goal to provide a more enjoyable practice and learning I am here to provide a list of resources to use when a lesson or activity isn’t taking place away from the computer. I encourage time away from the computer for learning. However, a computer can still be used as a resource to practice skills with games. So if the technology is going to be used for anything learning with a game is an acceptable practice. I hope these resources are helpful to those who need math help at home.

Online Math Resources at Home