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Social Studies teaches us about our past, it teaches us how to be good citizens and to be kind to one another, it also teaches us about where people live and why, it teaches us how to get places, and it prepares us to make the best decisions we can for the future. History a subject that we question for the reasons to learn it. Well the reasons above and more are the answer. If this subject were deleted from the curriculum children who are becoming adults will never know about the mistakes and successes of the past.

History and Social Studies isn’t all about memorizing dates and people; there is so much more to discover. When approached in the right manner this subject can be fun, especially when you find that part that sparks a child’s curiosity. So many different resources are out in the internet world to help feed into their curiosity. Teaching your child how to do research and find the truth is an important skill. It’s also important to let them know that its okay to not know something. Looking up something to know the truth and even know more is better than giving others false claims. Research makes us better advocates for the past.

So having resources as a parent or educator in your pack pocket to help with learning, and conduct research when a formal lesson isn’t being taught can be very useful. These websites that are provided are also a good outline for what students should look for when stepping out to the internet world to find even more.

As stated before, these websites are still more than research. Some of them provide fun games that teach students about social studies along the way. Others have reports that have games, activities, and readings with them. My goal is to continue to provide safe and fun learning to elementary school families at home. Below is a list of resources that I trust to be good tools for Social Studies and History (some might have other subjects too). With these tools in mind, still remember that doing activities and lessons in person can not be diminished or limited, as they are just as or even more important than these tools on the web.

“There’s a great big beautiful tomorrow, shining at the end of every day” – Walt Disney

Also another note, as great as these websites are, they do not capture all the history there is to be remembered. There is history in the state, city/town, or even the neighborhood in which you live. Discover and explore those yourselves, may of them even have websites with resources and activities for kids to use at home as well. Even parents might be surprised to discover what actually happened in their hometowns, and the kids will be so excited to connect with a historic place or event that occurred near their home too. Enjoy and never forget the past as it will help us prepare for tomorrow!

Social Studies and History Resources