Hello Friends!

Science is one of those subjects that can be really interactive! Though is often downgraded and pushed to the end of the school day. Its even the first subject to be voted to eliminate testing. Science is just as important. It teaches us about the world that surrounds us and how to “experiment” with daily tasks. Science also teaches us laws and how to predict. Most importantly science keeps us curious.

There is so much exploring and experimenting that can be done. Many experiments can be conducted right at home. Some research and discovering might need a little extra boost to reach understanding. Such as studying space, there are many ways to replicate, but getting a different perspective and a look at articles and simulations of discoveries can really help students grasp a concept and even dive deeper into the topic. On top of this, there are new discoveries being made every day that the average adult might not even know.

So having the right online resources can be a great tool to add to a science lesson or activity, or even to allow kids to practice on their own free time. These websites are out there, and even provide free resources and tools that is safe for young learners and their families to explore. Some websites have game-based learning materials, others contain learning materials such as lessons and articles to help facilitate and kindle learning.

In order to continue my goal to provide safe and fun learning to families with elementary school children at home, I have pulled to gather a list of websites that are science based (though some have bonus subjects as well). I encourage all to use these tools while continuing to remember the importance of conducting and learning your own experiments off the screen as well. Enjoy these fun resources to help you continue to learn and explore!

Online Science Resources