Hello Friends!

In the mail, I recently received a trial box from KiwiCo. This company is amazing, and such a brilliant idea to keep not only kiddos but the adults busy as well. They have several box subscriptions that cater to differentiating needs. Some of these boxes are targeted for: toddlers, elementary schoolers, high schoolers, both old and young adults, science lovers, art lovers, discovering the world (geography, culture, and more), and engineers.

These boxes are filled with lessons, crafts, activities, and many learning opportunities that keep active and creative minds working! Boxes can be sent as gifts, or they can be received one time, or on a monthly basis. If you want to try a different line of boxes you will have the opportunity to switch it up. Most of the materials come ready for you in the box all you need is your thinking caps and a positive mindset!

The trial KiwiCo box (that I received as a gift from a company) was from their Atlas line. The Atlas boxes feature activities and lessons with a focus on a different country in each box. The target ages are 6 – 11 though I would recommend help or team work for the younger end of the age group. Really though, these boxes are great for the whole family to join in and explore the world from your living rooms!

The country that I had the opportunity to explore was Canada! The box provided information on ice hockey where users get to create their own ice hockey half rink. After that an expedition through the Banff National park where students can explore much of what there is to know about Canada. Next, create an inuksuk just like the Natives and baked tasty maple butter tarts. Finally, users get to learn and create a moose snowglobe.

This box provided so much learning material that can keep kids engaged for hours. Beyond the box, students might even want to learn more and expand their learning, because KiwiCo makes learning about new things fun and exciting!!

Use this code and get 50% off your first KiwiCo box to try it out for yourself! You won’t regret this wonderful experience!