Some older elementary friends might have an important test to prepare for, or maybe just need to review a subject to better understands the topic. There are great resources that kids are used to in the classroom. Even better, they are free to use! Get the whole family or even other kids in the neighborhood involved in a virtual way to stay connected while reviewing a subject. Quizlet and Kahoot are amazing ways to test, practice, and review knowledge and are great resources going on into middle school, high school, and even college.


Quizlet: A website and app that acts like an online flashcard system. Users can create their own flashcards for their own needs (with definition and answer format) and now they have a way to do multiple choice ways to test. Also, many other users have created and shared their own sets, this allows others to view and practice without the hassle of creating their own. When practicing a set it features a learning mode that says the word and definition for you. Along with this, several games and learning materials such as: fill in the blank, matching games, and more!

Teachers and parents can even create a quiz for several students to take at their own pace for practice. This option is great for students who need extra time and allows all students to stick to their own pace.


Kahoot: I love this site and use it in the classroom and with students to help review material for a test. You can create your own multiple-choice, and/or multi-answer quiz, also ‘discover’ pre-made quizzes by other users. Just review and save your favorites and start reviewing with your group. Everyone in the house, class, or neighborhood can play! All they need is a device and the pin to play. I suggest finding several Kahoots of the same subject you are reviewing.

Kahoot can also be used for open discussions with their discussion and survey modes. These can be used to talk about a book, prepare for essay questions, talk through thinking or opinions, and more!

Finally, Kahoot can be used for family fun game nights. This is a great way to get together and have fun with the family! There are so many fun topics such as: Disney, Movies, Travel, and other endless options. Spending time with family can boost children’s motivation and attitude toward school and family relationships. Everyone can even learn something they hadn’t know before about a topic!

I hope you enjoy these wonderful websites for a family fun review, learning, discussion, or enjoyment!