Target Grade

  • Third Grade – Fifth Grade
  • *Can be adjusted for younger friends*

Learning Engagements

  • Thinking, planning, and problem-solving to make a product
  • Identify shapes and colors


  • Paints
  • Construction tape
  • Canvases
  • Scissors
  • Washable art mat or newspaper
  • Small trash bag


Step 1: Set up the workspace by placing down the mat or newspaper to make it easy to clean up the mess. Then place all the materials in places in preparation for the activity. The canvases will be moved around, so setting up to make sure there is room for movement.

Step 2: Explain and think about the project. “We will be using tape to make a design on the canvases. Once we choose a design and tape it on in the desired manner. Then we will use the paints to fill in the white space. Once they have dried then we will get to see the design.”

Step 3: Brainstorming art pieces. Sometimes it helps to look as examples by looking up “tape art” on the internet or Pinterest there are wonderful ideas.

Step 4: Begin taping your designs. This is a wonderful time to ask students, ” what is your idea?” “what kinds of patterns or shapes are in your design?” “Is their design going to be a symbol?” and similar questions of the sort.

Step 5: Paint your designs. You can ask about the colors that were chosen. If there are any color schemes and what types of colors that are being used? (primary colors, secondary colors, contrasting colors).

Step 6: Find a place for your design to dry for a few hours with the tape still on. (If you take the tape off before drying the colors might bleed into the design that was created with the tape).

Step 7: Peel the tape and fix any edges with paint if they aren’t a perfect line. Add any other designs if you wish. Let it dry again.

Step 8: You now have a beautiful art piece, share your art design. Talk about your favorite parts of your own and others if they joined too!

Adjustments for younger learners

  • Parents can help kids with taping or they can pre-tape a design it themselves.
  • When pre-taping try to make different shapes. Talk about these shapes when making the lesson
    • Talk about the Name of the shapes, the sizes, and the difference, even irregular shapes are shapes (you can talk about the number of sides)
  • Make an emphasis on talking about the different colors.
    • Name the colors
    • Talk about primary and secondary colors
  • Talk about patterns within the art if there are any

Have fun creating and learning!