My name is Miss. Brittany Coffman!

I was born and raised in Northern Virginia (NOVA), with my home county residing in Loudoun County. Many trips around the world and countless vacations to Walt Disney World, so I’d like to say these places helped raise me into the person I am today. At home, I have a mom, dad, a younger brother, and a dog.

My studies in education began in my sophomore and junior year of high school, where I took Early Childhood Education (part one and two). In that class, the focus was on the development of young children and worked with preschoolers in the Head Start program. During my senior year of high school, I took part in Teacher Cadet (formerly known as Teachers for Tomorrow). In that class, I learned the fundamentals of teaching and then took part in student teaching in a first-grade class. Though challenging at times, I loved every minute of those experiences.

In college I was lucky enough to be enrolled in the Elementary Education College Program as soon as allowed. Since then I have had practicums in an elementary music classroom, in a math specialist room, in two third-grade classrooms, and a Kindergarten.

Outside of school, work as a substitute teacher for two years in Loudoun County Public Schools. This has helped me practice and better understand teaching in the classroom as well as interacting with students. On top of this, I also get the chance to touch on many different grade levels. At home, I also partake in babysitting, tutoring, and nanny the kids in my neighborhood. During these times I like to formulate games and activities that interest the kids and educationally engage content appropriate for their age.

I look forward to gaining more experience so that one day I may teach in a classroom of my own! For now, reaching students to provide educational tools and activities from a virtual world is how I plan to develop my skills.