Target Grades

  • Pre-K – 2nd Grade

Learning Engagements

  • Builds sight word fluency
  • Recall and Identify memory
  • Maintaining attention and focus

*Sight words are words that are most commonly seen when reading books or texts. They are important for early readers to understand and identify to become successful readers*



Set up

Step 1: Choose sight words appropriate for grade from listed sight word sheets or any other sight words sheet. For younger friends try to use a limited amount of words used at one game session(For all friends who get flustered lowering the amount words used will help). Note: These should be words that the students are familiar with.

Step 2: Using markers/crayons write each word on separate sticky notes (or use note cards and tape). These words should be in big print and easy to read.

Step 3: To identify different decks you can label the back and/or use different colored sticky notes. You’re now ready!


Step 1: Place sticky notes on the wall randomly (place them at child’s height in order to read and reach the words easily). Possibly go over the words if they are newer or with younger learners.

Step 2: One person will say a sight word on the wall.

Step 3: The other person will use a wand, pointer, or their own hand to find and point to the word. The pointer person must also say the word themselves.

Step 4: As children get more familiar with the words students can spell the words as well and even have speed competitions with others.

Step 5: Learn hard and play hard! Feel free to adjust anything to your student’s needs.

First Grade
Second Grade